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Food safety policy e for certification

The Company has defined its own “policy” for food safety and for IFS and ISO 9001 certifications. This policy includes the following points: customer satisfaction , ethics and responsibility towards staff, environmental responsibility and sustainability, product requirements (in particular hygiene and food safety), staff involvement.


In the awareness that a company is evaluated not only for the quality of the products and services it is able to offer, but also on the basis of its ability to produce value, in compliance with ethical principles, with this Code of Ethics anche sulla base della sua capacità di produrre valore, nel rispetto di principi etici, con il presente Codice Etico BENCARNI S.p.A. intends to:


The recipients of the Code of Ethics are obliged to promptly comply with all its provisions, also in fulfilment of the duties of loyalty, fairness and diligence arising from the legal relationships established. Bencarni S.p.A. condemns any behaviour that is not only against the law, but also against the provisions of the Code of Ethics, even if the behaviour is carried out in the interests of the Company or with the intention of bringing it an advantage. The code is also available not only to employees, Directors, Auditors and the Supervisory Board, but also to customers, suppliers and other third parties who interact with Bencarni S.p.A.: in particular, it is brought to the attention of third parties who are assigned by Bencarni S.p.A., or who have lasting relationships with it, formally inviting them to comply with its principles and criteria of conduct, in the context of the relationships they have with Bencarni S.p.A.

General principles

The business activities of BENCARNI S.p.A. are guided by the following general principles: 

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